As a service to our clients and website visitors, we’ve listed below some links to major insurance carriers serving our area. Select the name of the provider you would like and additional documents and links will be available.

A National network of Participating Physicians and hospitals.  Offering a variety of Major Medical and dental Plans to choose from.

cigna_logoA National network of Participating Physicians and hospitals.  Offering a variety of Major Medical and dental Plans to choose from

Voluntary plans for employees and their families, offering such services as:
– Short Term Disability Protection
– Group Term and Whole Life Insurance
– Accident Protection
– Specific Disease Insurance
– Supplemental Health Insurance
– College Tuition Plans for businesses with over 100 employees




Colonial College Tuition Bill Illustration

Colonial Programs

Offering a variety of plans for individuals and businesses:
– is designed for individuals seeking discounted plans and low cost premiums. There are over 25 networks to choose from depending on where you reside. You must use one on the list of Participating Providers to utilize the services. The services cover everything from routine cleanings, fillings, root canals, and orthodontic services with no limitations of services. No claim forms required. Coverage begins within days after signing up.
– Group Dental Plans: We offer a variety of group dental carriers, such as: Ameritas, First Reliance Standard, Guardian Life, Met Life, Mutual of Omaha, United Healthcare, and many more. There are many plan options to choose from that would allow you to use either one of the participating dentists or a dentist that does not participate in any network.





There are three networks to choose from:
– Blue Card: A national network that covers doctors in all states that are participating providers in a Blue Cross network.
– Priority Blue: A limited group of participating providers and hospitals located within the Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Service region (Long Island, Five Boroughs, Rockland, Westchester and Putnam Counties). When traveling outside the service region, you will be covered Nationwide under the Blue Card Network of Participating Providers.
– The Pathway: A select group of participating providers and hospitals within the Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield service region, (Long Island, Five Boroughs, Rockland, Westchester and Putnam Counties).

Health First offers group Major Medical coverage for businesses domiciled within the Five Boroughs and Nassau County. All plans being offered are Network Only and No Referrals required.

logo-mobile-1A cafeteria plan of programs ranging from Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Current insurance carriers being offered are Care Connect and Oxford. These programs are designed for a business with two or more employees, so the employer can state which plan they will contribute towards and would allow the employees to buy a different plan.

bce6bc0c-409a-431a-9496-1177148b4cddA national network of physicians and hospitals offering a variety of major medical plans. Within the MVP service region, Westchester and Rockland County going North (Upstate NY), you would be covered by one of the MVP Participating Providers. All other regions, you would be covered by the Cigna list of Participating Providers.

oscar_health_logoDesigned for individuals with a limited list of participating providers and hospitals.

We have been partners with IMG (International Medical Group) for over 20 years. Offering short- and long-term major medical plans for U.S. Citizens traveling overseas for a short stay or for longer periods. Also covering Non-U.S. Citizens traveling from outside the United States, seeking coverage in the United States. IMG offers plans for both individuals and businesses.






One of the largest networks of participating providers within the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ and CT). Outside the region, and depending on which Oxford plan you purchase, you would be covered by United Healthcare Choice Plus Network.
There are three networks to choose from:
– Freedom: The largest network of participating providers and hospitals within the tri-state area.
– Liberty: Less participating providers and hospitals than the Freedom Network, but also lower premiums.
– Metro: The smallest list of participating providers and hospitals. CVS Pharmacies accept this network at any of their locations. Designed for businesses that are looking for a low cost plan.

Primepay offers a variety of services such as:
Wrap Documents: What is a welfare wrap document? This is a document that contains all of the “bells and whistles” required for an ERISA SPD, as well as certain other disclosures required under ERISA and COBRA. The wrap document also incorporates the certificates and booklets of each benefit by reference, thereby creating a complete SPD. By using a wrap document, an employer can satisfy the ERISA SPD requirement, and many other disclosure requirements, by using one document for all of the employer’s health and welfare benefits. Failure to provide an SPD or plan document within 30 days of receiving a request from a plan participant or beneficiary can result in a penalty of up to $110/day per participant or beneficiary for each violation. Having documentation in order protects against disgruntled employees.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA): For an employer looking to offer a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) to reduce your monthly premiums, they would contribute a percentage of the employees deductible and what ever funds are not utilized at the end of the plan year, they are refunded back to the employer.
Health Savings Accounts (H.S.A.): For those choosing a High Deductible plan to reduce their premiums, can set up and H.S.A account at their local bank, to offset their medical expenses on a Pre-Tax basis.
Payroll Services: For over twenty years, Primepay has been offering competitive fees and online services.